Insurance for farmers and ranchers

Your business deserves to have the protection of the Comprehensive Agricultural Multirisk Insurance Companies, so that day-to-day risks do not jeopardize its operational continuity.

Designed to meet the needs of both agricultural holdings (rainfed and irrigated) and livestock (cattle, sheep, pigs, breeding centers, etc …), with a wide range of coverage and services that adapt to each activity.

Agricultural insurance coverage

  • Property damage 1

Fire and lightning strike.
Atmospheric phenomena.
Damage due to electricity in the electrical installation.
Water damage.
Damages by acts of vandalism.

  • Theft damage 1

Theft of content.
Damage to the continent by theft or its attempt.
Theft of cattle.
Theft of cattle in the field at first risk.
Theft of irrigation equipment.

  • Civil Liability (CR) 1

Of exploitation, accidents at work, products, etc.

  • Operating Loss 1

Gross margin (permanent expenses and net profit) or permanent expenses as agreed.

  • All accidental risk coverage 1

Extension of material damage coverage for any accidental damage.

  • Coverage for specific assets 1

Livestock :
Extension of guarantees: includes the death or necessary slaughter of livestock due to attack by wild or feral animals.
Specific coverage for each species of livestock: accidents, suffocation, loss of production, etc.

Irrigation equipment :
Electrical damage to irrigation equipment and accessory elements.

Straw and fodder :
Insurance with compensation limit per unit of risk in haystacks, straw warehouses and mixed-use warehouses.

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