Insurance to protect your cell phone from theft and damage ranges from $ 9,000 per month

The insurers with offers for mobile devices are Liberty, which supports Claro’s policy, and Seguros Mundial, with its own proposal.

Cell phone theft has skyrocketed. The Bogotá Security Secretariat reported that in the first two months of the year there were 400 cases of mobile phone theft reported to the authorities. Therefore, it is important to take into account the insurance offer to protect these devices.

The prices of these policies range from $ 9,000 a month, as is the case with the product that Tigo will launch in the coming days.

Although this product is more common in the portfolio of mobile operators, some insurers also offer it. Seguros Mundial has the Enjoy Tranquilo policy for cell phones, tablets, any electronic device or household appliance. The premium can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, and varies depending on the price of the device.

Juan Enrique Bustamante, president of Seguros Mundial stated that “the insurance covers damages such as partial loss due to accidental damage, total loss due to accidental damage, in this case the company gives a voucher to the customer for 80% of the value purchased by the cell phone that suffered the loss If the event qualifies as a qualified theft, the company compensates the client with a bonus of 70% of the insured value.

However, purchasing this insurance is still not very common. “There is still no culture of customers to insure their equipment every time they buy one or renew it. Therefore, penetration is not very high at the moment, but we are generating internal campaigns so that customers who renew their equipment can insure them in order to be protected, “said Luis Germán Peña, director of segment marketing at Telefónica Movistar .

The company has Mobile Insurance, a monthly policy that ranges from $ 11,900 to $ 64,900, depending on the price of the phone. Coverage ranges from 30% to 50% of the value of the cell phone.

Claro Up is the operator’s policy backed by Liberty, which has premiums from $ 16,000 to up to $ 38,000, depending on the price of the asset.

WOM has an offer that insures 100% of the equipment in case of loss and theft. Applies, at no additional cost, for all equipment purchased in a postpaid plan, ranging from $ 35,000 per month.

“At WOM, this assistance applies automatically to all smartphones purchased in any of the postpaid plans offered. This is a benefit that seeks to respond to users and as a mechanism to protect investment in their mobile devices, ”said Germán Giraldo, Vice President of Marketing at WOM Colombia.

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