How To Choose The Best Mobile Learning Platform For Employee Onboarding

When you hire a new employee, typically a few days goes just in orientation.  He needs to understand your SOPs and procedures before he can start being productive. Today, many people are working remotely. Calling them in to the office just for orientation doesn’t make sense. You may also have an extended team in another city. Rather than have them travel just for orientation you can now introduce them to the company virtually. For this you need to have the best mobile learning platform. Let’s take a look at a few things to keep in mind when you choose a mobile learning platform. 

Ease of use 

The ultimate test for an app is in how easy it is to use. You don’t want your employees getting frustrated with not being able to navigate through the app and giving up on it… the platform should be designed intuitively with a clutter free interface and clear buttons for navigation. It should also not be a very heavy app. Ideally, look for a platform that will allow your employees to access content online as well as offline. For example, someone may want to read through training material while they’re on a flight…

Types of content supported 

When you’re talking of the company culture and vision, a written document may give the best picture. But, when you’re talking about the steps to using a piece of machinery, a video would make the subject easier. Similarly, you may want to use an infographic as a ready reckoner for SOPs. Thus, the best mobile learning platform for you is one that can host multiple mediums of communication. It should also be able to support different languages so that you can reach out to more people. 

Gamified content

Learning something on your own can get dull and boring. Thus, you need to make every effort to make the process more exciting. Everyone loves playing games so why not bring gamified content onto your learning platform. Modules can be broken down into levels that must be completed one by one and an individual’s progress can be marked with a progress bar. You can also make people feel virtually connected to each other by including a ladder board style ranking system for the highest engagement with the app. It makes the learner feel like they have company and foster a healthy competitive spirit. 

Once you’ve found the best mobile learning platform for your organization, you can instantly start experiencing the benefits for the company and its employees. Your employees can learn at their own pace without interrupting everyday work and become more efficient with their time and efforts. Not just that, this form of learning makes the process more engaging and the material more memorable. As a company, you gain a reputation for smart use of technology and investing in your employees. Happy employees mean a lower attrition rate and a good name in the hiring market. So, are you ready to take your training and onboarding to the mobile world?

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