After losing the rematch against Oleksandr Usyk, Anthony Joshua regrets his post-fight antics.

Anthony Joshua claimed that he let himself down immediately following his Saturday rematch loss to Oleksandr Usyk by a narrow margin.

Joshua lost against Usyk for the second time in a row, marking his third loss in his last five fights, and was unable to reclaim the WBA, WBO, IBF, and IBO heavyweight championships. After the final bell, the 32-year-old stormed out of the ring before tossing two of Usyk's titles to the ground. He later made a passionate comeback.

"I send Usyk my best wishes as you pursue excellence. Joshua praised his opponent on Sunday in a tweet: "You are a class act, champ."

I had to mentally enter a dark place yesterday to compete for the championship belts! I got into two fights—one with Usyk, the other with my emotions—and both won.

"I'm the first to confess that I failed myself. I made a poor decision because I was acting out of unbridled passion and emotion. I'll get better from this moment forward since I love this sport so much."

The 32-year-old also considered how he conducted himself at the post-fight press conference, claiming that his speech, in which he referred to himself as a new breed of heavyweight and led a cheer for Usyk, came "from the heart."

Not everyone will understand when you try to accomplish something from the heart, remarked Joshua. "It was purely heartfelt. I was aware of my self-hatred. Just at myself, not at anyone else. I said, "I have to leave here because I'm angry."

"You may act foolishly while you're angry. Then I understood that this is sport. I made the proper decision when I returned.

After the fight, Joshua had to hold back tears as he thought back on his loss and expressed his deep "upset" with his performance against the Ukrainian heavyweight champion.

"It's extremely, really difficult for me to express self-confidence. Really, deep down inside, I'm upset "Added he.

"I attempted a different technique, but it didn't work. In the last bout, I wanted to compete as a boxer, but that didn't work, and it didn't work today either," he said.

Joshua stated that he intends to make a comeback in December and added that his promoter, Eddie Hearn, wants him to compete three to four times in 2019.

"As momentum is crucial in boxing, I asked Eddie if it was possible to be released in November. Eddie mentioned December "Jeremiah said.

"Come one, come all if it's about who I fight. I don't mind if someone wants it; they can have it."