Are the hosts of the 2022 World Cup prepared for November?

Qatar's DOHA — There are only two months till the 2022 World Cup. In order to ensure that spectators from all over the world can attend the four-week competition, the tiny Gulf state of Qatar undertook a massive construction effort on a demanding timeframe and erected the stadiums, opened five-lane highways, and created a $36 billion Metro system. However, with the big game's start only a few weeks away, how prepared is Qatar to pull it off?

In order to evaluate Qatar's readiness to host the first winter World Cup in the Northern Hemisphere and the first in the Middle East, ESPN visited Doha earlier this month.

Every major event, including the World Cup and Olympic Games, is accompanied by worries about stadiums not being ready, security problems, or prohibitively expensive lodging and transport for spectators. Qatar is no exception. There is good news and terrible news as the clock counts down to the 32-team tournament for Qatar 2022; the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador is just 61 days away.