At ESPN Africa Boxing, Jackson Chauke defends his title for the seventh time in a row.

Jackson Chauke defeated Sinethembu Kotana to successfully defend his South African Flyweight title in Johannesburg on Thursday's main event of ESPN Africa Boxing 21.

The champion won by unanimous decision (118-110, 116-114, 116-112) after a full 12-round contest, successfully retaining his title for the fifth time.

From the first bell, the bout was evenly matched, with neither boxer dominating the opening frames. However, the champion quickly picked up the tempo beginning in round three and prevailed in the later rounds with his relentless effort and strategic moves.

However, Kotana came back to win rounds eight and nine with some devastating left-hooks to the body.

Chauke continued to advance and throw more punches during the final three rounds, which helped him defeat his previous sparring partner and show his true championship-caliber fighting ability.

After the bout, Chauke acknowledged that it was a difficult battle: "I did what I had to. As long as I win, it doesn't matter how. A good battle ensued.

Although we are now on opposing sides, there is no animosity between us. We were adept at physically abusing one another.

With an overhand right, Bangile Nyangani knocks down the opposition. Gaveni Nkwenteni is led into believing he is secure by Bangile Nyangani before being taken down by a well-placed right hand.

Nyangani retains her Mini-Flyweight title.

In the co-main event, Bangile Nyangani (13-1-1) defeated Gaveni Nkwenteni (6-4-1) by unanimous decision (119-109, 119-109, 120-108) to successfully defend his South African Mini-Flyweight title.

The champion put on a spectacular performance, taking every round by storm with his regal movements and precise combos.

Although the battle may have begun a little slowly, Nyangani immediately stepped up the tempo in the second round, and it was all Nyangani's from that point on. She scored with a barrage of diverse shots, scoring whenever she wanted.

As he suffered the fourth defeat of his career, Nkwenteni appeared to be out of his element.

The remaining card

The opening bout on the main program was a Junior Middleweight TKO victory for Darrin Rossouw (6-0-0) over Sheldon Schultz (4-4-0) when the referee stopped the fight at the beginning of the fifth round.

With stronger technique and a flexible shooting strategy, Rossouw won. Schultz battled his way to the finish of the fourth round with real courage, but the constant punishment prevented him from responding in the fifth round.

Patrick Mukala of the DRC (13-2-1) defeated Malawi's Simion Tchetha (12-6-1) in the International Super Middleweight matchup's second battle via third-round technical knockout.

The DRC fighter used his jab and stinging straight right to put himself on the offensive right from the opening bell. One minute and 55 seconds into the third round, Tchetha was unable to counter Mukala's better boxing abilities, and the referee called time on the bout.

Patrick Mukala's TKO victory results in punishment. Simion Tchetha is injured after Patrick Mukala strikes him with a powerful right hand to the temple.

Rowen Campbell (12-2-0) had a disappointing return to the ring in the third fight on the main program, losing to Luvuyo Sizani (7-0-0) by unanimous decision (79-70, 76-73, 78-74) in their eight-round Light Heavyweight contest.

Campbell will soon hope to forget his first appearance in the squared ring in more than 18 months. The former South African light heavyweight champion, to his credit, got off to a good start, moving gracefully and connecting with some stunning straight right-hands in the opening three rounds.

When Campbell was knocked out in the middle of the fourth round by Sizani with a devastating straight left, the momentum changed. The latter responded to the count and persisted, but in the seventh after another breathtaking left from Sizani, he was once more on the deck.

Campbell once more stood up, but it was already too late as Sizani continued to remain unbeaten after picking up his seventh career victory.

Main Card outcomes:

- Sheldon Schultz is defeated by TKO by Darrin Rossouw (failed to answer round 5)

- Simion Tchetha is defeated by TKO by Patrick Mukala (1 min, 55 sec in round 3)

- Luvuyo Sizani defeats Rowen Campbell in a unanimous decision (79-70, 76-73, 78-74)

- Gaveni Nkwenteni is defeated by Bangile Nyangani in a unanimous judgment (119-109, 119-109)

- Jackson Chauke defeats Sinethembu Kotana in a unanimous decision (118-110, 116-114, 116-112)

Undercard outcomes

- Cayden Truter defeats Nkululeko Mdletshe through technical knockout (2 min, 50 sec in round 5)

- Lence Ngoy triumphs by a margin of victory over Theelelo Nkosi (57-57, 59-58, 58-56)