British Gymnastics will name banned coaches following the Whyte Review and will announce a new action plan.

British Gymnastics will name the coaches who have been barred as a result of an investigation into the sport's abusive culture.

The governing body intends to create "safe, positive, and fair experiences" for gymnasts through a 40-point "Reform '25" action plan.

It comes after more than 400 complaints to the Whyte Review, which found that young gymnasts in the UK had been humiliated, shamed, and permanently psychologically or physically damaged.

The proportionality of sanctions based on the scale of misconduct - from sexual and physical abuse to bullying and malnutrition - is a challenge for gymnastics officials.

While British Gymnastics will publish a list of banned coaches online, their names will be removed once they have served their punishment.

It opens the door to coaches returning to the sport with athletes and any guardians unaware of previous misconduct.

Sarah Powell, CEO of British Gymnastics, told All Sports News: "I believe we would have to be completely convinced as to why someone had been banned before returning to the sport. I won't know until I examine the outcomes' determinations."

Coaches who are suspended pending the outcome of an investigation will not be named, which opens the door for them to work in other countries or sports.

The goal is to have "zero tolerance of abuse - whether emotional, physical, or sexual" and more specialist staff to handle complaints in order to improve welfare, safeguarding, and complaints.

Reform '25 emphasizes the need for "a cultural understanding that creating a fear of coaches has no place in gymnastics."

There are concerns that British sport has developed a medals-over-morals culture, but the action plan states that "striving for and achieving success is not the same thing as wellbeing."

British Gymnastics wants the reforms implemented by 2025, a year after the next Olympics in Paris, but with regular progress updates on how the environment is improving and risks are being eliminated.