Conor McGregor will make his acting debut in the "Road House" adaptation.

Conor McGregor, a star of the UFC, will debut in a feature film with a part in the "Road House" adaptation, his representative Karen J. Kessler told ESPN.

The film, which is a remake of the beloved cult blockbuster from the 1980s starring Patrick Swayze, will feature Jake Gyllenhaal as the lead. The movie studio is Amazon Prime Video. Wednesday's news of McGregor's involvement was originally reported by Deadline.

In a statement, Kessler said, "Conor McGregor is very delighted to expand his illustrious career to Hollywood and partner alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in this remake of 'Road House,' a famous classic. "This is the start of another prosperous endeavor in the McGregor empire, even though fighting continues to be his primary emphasis. He can't wait to start shooting."

McGregor, 34, is still bothered by the fractured leg he suffered in a fight against Dustin Poirier in July 2021. He hasn't fought since then. However, the Irishman who won two UFC championships is still active outside of the octagon. In April 2021, McGregor and his group sold Jose Cuervo the majority of their Proper Twelve whiskey company in a deal valued more than $600 million. Conor McGregor was ranked as the highest-paid athlete in the world by Forbes the previous year.

Gyllenhaal will play the lead role in the movie "Road House" as a former UFC fighter who takes a job as a bouncer at a Florida Keys tavern, according to Deadline. Although the specifics of McGregor's part are undisclosed, Deadline said that he would not be playing himself but an invented character. According to Deadline, the film will start shooting this month in the Dominican Republic and will stream on Prime Video at a later time.

The most well-liked fighter in the history of the UFC, McGregor has headlined some of the most lucrative pay-per-view events. He was the first fighter to simultaneously hold two titles in two distinct UFC divisions. In 2017, he also entered the boxing ring to take on Floyd Mayweather in the second-largest pay-per-view in history. McGregor has had a recent losing streak, with just one victory since 2016.