Darwin Nunez: Why Liverpool's chaos agent is on the right track at Anfield

"How would I know how to defend against him?" wondered a group of former Premier League players following Liverpool's 1-0 victory over Manchester City. "I don't think Darwin Nunez, let alone anyone else, knows what he's going to do next."

While the words, tinged with 'it's funny because it's true,' alluded to the Uruguayan's indecision in possession, they also alluded to his largely effective unpredictability.

Nunez hasn't completely worked himself out yet, which is a result of trying too hard and overcomplicating simple tasks, but opponents haven't been able to size him up or shut him down either. The most recent exhibits would be Joao Cancelo and Manuel Akanji.

The greatest impediment the forward has encountered is himself, with Jurgen Klopp describing him as "a bit rushed."

The highlight of his performance at Anfield on Sunday, which went viral on TikTok and Twitter around the world, was Nunez slaughtering a three-on-one situation. Instead of supplying an unmarked Mohamed Salah, he slammed a shot into the defender, with Diogo Jota also in support and waiting to be played in.

It is an attacking sin to pass up such an opportunity; to not, at the very least, shift the marker away from the pass. Nunez also erred by not cutting back to Fabio Carvalho in another move, instead opting for and failing to execute the more difficult option of finding Trent Alexander-Arnold.

However, focusing solely on stanzas of play that continue to baffle the mind undersells Nunez's contribution to the match and in general.

His eight touches against City resulted in three shots and a clear-cut opportunity. Nunez's ball-carrying ability and recovery of possession made him Liverpool's most potent weapon in the final stages of the match against the best team in the world, even if his decision-making did fail.

The agent of chaos disrupted the division's best defense. Nunez's movement, directness, and habit of finding himself in golden scoring positions are all valuable assets.

He has the most shots, touches in the opposition box, and expected goals in the league. The 23-year-underlying old's data indicates that if he can add composure, he will generate a contribution as significant as his initial £64 million price tag for Liverpool.

With Luis Diaz and Jota out for extended periods of time, that sense of calm is essential. In reality, his rise can only be linked to Liverpool redefining themselves and returning to the top of the table.

Nunez's 516 minutes in all competitions have resulted in four goals and an assist for a team that is trying to reinvent itself and is struggling for consistency in approach, structure, and system.

Klopp's remark that "Nunez would have scored a couple more goals if he had played in the center of Man City's attack this season" reflected his recognition that the current Liverpool side has not been the easiest to adapt to.

The former Benfica man's language difficulties, combined with a red card on his Anfield debut, have slightly pierced his confidence, explaining why Klopp believes in 'the decisive 10%.' Nunez has admitted to himself that he needs to "calm my nerves during games."

The message to him at Liverpool's training center has been clear: drown out the noise of what people say you failed to do or can't do and keep doing what you're used to.

Nunez was shown how his data compares to the rest of the league's top scorers, and he was told by Klopp and Pep Lijnders that the club has no concerns about his form, adjustment, and growth into a key figure in the XI.

Liverpool believes his return to peak confidence and output is just around the corner. Nunez's numbers indicate that he is on the right track to becoming a box office success - and not just the main character in fail compilations.