Jack Catterall on the rematch with Josh Taylor: "There's a score that we need to settle."

Months have passed since Jack Catterall was defeated by Josh Taylor in a contentious split decision. The animosity between the two has only grown over time.

"I think it's a fight that needs to happen." I believe there is some tension there. I believe I won the previous fight, Josh believes he won it, and there is a lot of public pressure and demand to see the fight, as it is a big fight.

"It makes sense to me, it makes sense to Josh; let's get this party started."

The talks are moving forward. Taylor had to relinquish three of his four world titles in order for this rematch to take place.

Catterall respects that, but he must accept that it means he will not have another shot at the undisputed super-lightweight title.

"He's vacated the belts [but retained the WBO title], and he hasn't dropped to 147 pounds. The fight must be done now "said Catterall.

"That moment has passed. I don't think anyone will challenge for all four titles in a domestic fight anytime soon. But my objective remains the same. I want to be world champion, I want to go down in history, and the fact that there is still a world title up for grabs is more than enough motivation for me to get back on track."

His disappointment with the outcome has only fueled his determination. "It's frustrating because you trained from being an amateur at 10-years-old to being 28 and challenging for undisputed only to have it ripped away," Catterall said.

"It wasn't just for me; it was for everyone who had supported, guided, and been there for me along the way, and it kind of stole the moment for everyone."

"I wouldn't say my motivation dipped after the fight; if anything, it rekindled the fire in my belly," he added. I dipped my toes into a world title fight for the first time; I didn't get the nod, but I know I can hang with them in world title fights and plan to be a force there.

"I want to put myself to the test and see how good I am at boxing."

While Catterall intends to improve in a potential rematch with Taylor, he believes he deserved to win the first fight.

"I always say that you have to dethrone the champion. I believe I did, but once again, I was on the wrong side of a decision. I think I won pretty much every round until the knockdown, when I got the knockdown and we both got a point deducted, but there was never a moment when I thought the fight was even close "Catterall was adamant.

"It was frustrating because I was on cloud nine for a few minutes after the 12th bell and then everything came crashing down. I believe you can tell when you've been in a ring. You could tell I was happy after the fight by the look on my face. I'd never celebrated so much because I knew I'd just accomplished something that many people didn't think I was capable of."

Since their first fight, the debate has only intensified. Catterall believes that after controversies like this, there should be some form of redress.

"There isn't any accountability. "That's my opinion, I think he won, I saw it this way.' Well, explain yourself," he told the judges and the British Boxing Board of Control.

"I threw more punches than Josh, landed more, and landed more power shots; surely that statistic should be good enough to warrant some sort of change."

"'In my opinion' is not good enough when your life is on the line and it's your job and your career and somebody's opinion, a couple of judges' opinion decides," he continued.

"I'd like to know how each round is scored and what criteria they use. It just baffled me at times... Everything that goes into it, just for someone else's opinion to change the course of your life."

A second fight is an opportunity for both men to answer all of the questions that remained after the first. They do have one thing in common. The only way to proceed is to run it all over again.