Jake Paul says he'd "slap the Stockton" out of Nate Diaz and is eager in fighting him.

In Los Angeles Penultimate Saturday night, Nate Diaz defeated Tony Ferguson in the last match of his UFC contract. That makes the highly regarded MMA fighter and Jake Paul's anticipated boxing match—which both have mentioned—more likely to happen.

The former YouTuber-turned-prizefighter Paul will square off against UFC star Anderson Silva on October 29 in Glendale, Arizona, in a boxing match. But he said that a fight with Diaz is something that could happen in the future following a news conference on Monday in Hollywood.

In the back of his mind, Paul admitted, "I do want that fight." And I believe the supporters desire that fight.

Diaz will be present at the Paul vs. Silva match. Chris Avila, a teammate of his, will box in the undercard bout. Paul has made it known that Diaz is one of his ideal opponents for upcoming boxing matches, but that was never going to happen while Diaz was still a UFC fighter. Paul added that he is not even confident that Diaz is totally clear of the UFC, so it's not a given that it will happen even now.

Paul answered, "We'll see. "I believe there are several obstacles he must likely overcome before even breaking his contract. I don't know every little thing. Then there are the obstacles I must overcome. And Anderson Silva is f—-ing one of those enormous obstacles."

Paul has a lot of experience with Diaz as a fighter. And if Paul can defeat Silva—clearly no easy task—Diaz might become his next opponent in a boxing match. In a Monday press conference, Paul threatened to "slap the Stockton"—a reference to Diaz's hometown—out of Diaz if they got into a physical altercation.

Paul declared, "I most definitely utilize all the potential conflicts that could occur in my career as fuel. "I hope to work for a very long time. I therefore consider that I will continue working out for three, four, or five more years when I'm in the gym. I have a lot of work to do. For me, this isn't just a momentary concern. I constantly consider all the people out there that want to battle me and beat me."

The 25-year-old Paul is undefeated in professional boxing and has defeated three former UFC competitors, including Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren. Paul most recently defeated Woodley in December. Hasim Rahman Jr. was supposed to fight Tommy Fury first on August 6 in New York, but Rahman was unable to achieve the agreed-upon weight because of visa complications.

Paul explained that Silva is unique compared to the previous examples. In addition to being the previous lengthy middleweight champion of the UFC and having a UFC record 16 consecutive victories on his resume, Silva, now 47, was a genuine pay-per-view draw for the organization. With people like Chris Weidman, Vitor Belfort, and Chael Sonnen, who presided over the news conference on Friday, "The Spider" engaged in lucrative rivalries. With a victory over former world champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Silva is 3-1 as a professional fighter.

As absurd as it may sound, Paul declared, "This is my first big fight." "The other battles all feature some well-known fighters. However, Anderson is a superstar; nobody else is. This fight has received the most media coverage, anticipation, and pay-per-views. And lastly, I'm not required to perform all the advertising."

Both combatants joked around throughout the news conference and expressed respect for one another. Reenacting a photo they had taken with the MMA legend when they were little and followers of Silva, Paul and his brother Logan posed for a picture with Silva. However, Paul claimed that when they first faced off, he could see Silva's "killer" side.

It was definitely a bizarre event, Paul remarked. "I never anticipated being here. I never anticipated how things would turn out. And I never imagined I'd be competing against one of my heroes. Absolutely not."