Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool requests more "passion and effort" following a sluggish start.

After Liverpool's first three Premier League losses, manager Jurgen Klopp stated that he wants his team to put up more "passion and effort."

Before losing 2-1 to bitter rivals Manchester United on Monday, the Merseyside team drew its first two games against Fulham and Crystal Palace.

On Saturday, Liverpool will host newly promoted Bournemouth at Anfield. Klopp has pushed his team to step up for the forthcoming games.

At a news conference on Friday, he declared, "We have to improve right away." "We require enthusiasm in addition to 100% effort, if not a little bit more. Football at its highest level. It's all good now.

"Nothing we accomplished was ever simple, so no one should anticipate things being simple going forward. Together, let's go for it."

Added him: "My job is to make things right, but I can also learn a lot from life's failures. Regrouping and coming up with the ideal solution to fight the outer world while avoiding suffering is part of the job.

"Although we've played worse games at United, it was disheartening because we had 70% of the possession and were up against a club that was trying to counterattack.

A gap between James Milner and Virgil van Dijk, who tangled after Jadon Sancho's opening goal for United, was also downplayed by Klopp.

Naturally, everyone noticed it, said Klopp. "I used to be a really emotional player, and I frequently had these types of chats with my closest friends while we were playing.

"Really, there is nothing to clarify. It's a scenario when you are chatting on the field. With all the cameras, especially today, it appears much more serious than it actually is. It's not at all a problem."

Additionally, Klopp stated that although Curtis Jones, Joel Matip, Thiago Alcantara, and Diogo Jota are nearing full health, they are still expected to miss the Bournemouth game.

Darwin Nunez, Fabio Carvalho, and Calvin Ramsay were all signed by Liverpool this summer, and manager Jurgen Klopp stated that the club would be open to more signings before the transfer market ends on September 1.

We actually work on things like this all the time, he said. They're either too pricey or the wrong kind of player.

"One thing is still crucial; the player must be appropriate. We are working, but we'll wait and see if anything happens. I'm not sure.