Kylian Mbappe has 'zero chance' of leaving Paris Saint-Germain in the January transfer window.

Kylian Mbappe will remain a Paris Saint-Germain player after the January transfer window; Mbappe is dissatisfied with the club as a result of last summer's transfer strategy, his relationship with Neymar, and where head coach Christophe Galtier wants him to play.

Paris Saint-Germain are adamant that Kylian Mbappe will not leave in January.

When asked if he wants to leave in January, a source close to the player told All Sports News, "He wants to leave every week."

When asked how this will play out, the source said, "They will probably kiss and make up, but this will keep resurfacing."

According to reports in Spanish media on Tuesday, Mbappe was going to a bullfight in Madrid today. Mbappe, on the other hand, will be at a charity event in Nimes this afternoon, according to his social media.

PSG sources believe the Mbappe stories are coming from Spain and are intended to destabilize PSG. They call the reports "utter nonsense" and "complete garbage."

Mbappe is dissatisfied with his position in the midfield, his relationship with Neymar is strained, and he is dissatisfied with the club's transfer policy.

Why is Mbappe dissatisfied at PSG?

"Mbappe is unhappy at PSG right now because he doesn't like his role in the team." He's being asked to play as a central striker, and he dislikes the tactics employed by new head coach Christophe Galtier.

"His relationship with Neymar is also strained." There has historically been friction between the two players, and he is also dissatisfied with PSG's summer transfer strategy.

"A few months ago, everyone expected him to leave PSG because his contract was coming to an end, and everyone expected him to move to Real Madrid."

"He changed his mind and signed a new contract with PSG, but promises were made to him about the club's strategy, which he believes were broken. So he's unhappy for a variety of reasons."

If Mbappe leaves PSG, where could he go?

Kevin Hatchard, a European football expert, spoke on All Sports News:

"To be honest, I believe there is some posturing going on here. PSG were desperate for him to sign a new contract in the summer, and he felt he would have a lot of influence, with the impression that he had a shopping list of what he wanted.

"Part of it was because he expected Neymar to leave the club in the summer, but the opposite has occurred: he's playing well, scoring and making goals alongside Lionel Messi. They had that connection in Barcelona. Mbappe is playing center-forward, which is not his preferred position.

"Recently, there was a message on social media with the hashtag #pivotgang, implying he wants a centre-forward to play off instead of being the number nine. That, as well as some of the transfer business, irritates him.

"But, realistically, where is he going? He closed the door on Real Madrid in the summer, which I believe left them bruised, and it would be a step back for Real to then spend £200 million on a player they could have gotten for free a few months ago.

"There are clubs with numbers." Newcastle, for example, would be desperate to make a statement signing, but even they are limited in what they can do in the market.

"It's a difficult situation for him because there are very few clubs that can offer the package that PSG wants and that he wants." There's a lot of speculation about Liverpool, and whether they'll spend that much money on Mbappe, who is incredible. That would be a significant departure from the club's previous practices."