Nonbinary athletes can participate in the Boston Marathon in 2023 without signing up for a particular division.

BOTHELL — The Boston Marathon will allow nonbinary athletes to participate without needing to sign up as part of the men's or women's divisions, the event's organizers announced on Monday.

The Boston Athletic Association, which oversees the illustrious marathon, declared that it has been seeking to increase chances for nonbinary individuals in all of the BAA's races, including the 5K, 10K, and half marathon.

The adjustment was announced by the event's planners as registration for the 127th edition of the marathon on April 17, 2023, opened on Monday. The legendary race's edition is predicted to have a field of roughly 30,000 runners next spring.

If a nonbinary athlete has run a marathon during the current qualifying period, they are eligible to submit entrance applications.

We consider this first year as an opportunity to learn and grow together, the organization stated in a statement, adding that discussions are still being had with nonbinary athletes in an effort to further foster inclusivity at all BAA events.

The addition of nonbinary categories has recently started in a major marathon, the Boston Marathon.

The Philadelphia Distance Run, a prestigious competition featuring a half marathon and a 5K, established a nonbinary division and offered equal prize money last year, making it the first big race in the United States to do so.

In April, the Brooklyn Marathon and Half Marathon were run. The top eighty-two finishers were all contestants who identified as nonbinary.