Players in the Premier League have decided to discontinue kneeling prior to every game.

The club captains of Premier League teams have agreed to quit kneeling prior to every game but have reaffirmed their commitment to fighting prejudice and discrimination.

Since the Premier League's return from the COVID-19 epidemic in June 2020, players and staff have started kneeling before kickoff to demonstrate their solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement.

But for the forthcoming season, the Premier League declared on Wednesday that players will restrict the number of times they kneel before games.

"Premier League club leaders have reaffirmed their commitment to combating racism and all kinds of prejudice ahead of the upcoming season," said the statement.

"To further the message that racism has no place in sport or society, the players have chosen to take the knee at designated points during the upcoming season.

"In line with the league's No Room for Racism Action Plan, the Premier League will support the players' choice and, along with the clubs, take use of these occasions to promote anti-racism messaging.

The first match round of the season, the No Room for Racism match rounds in October and March, the Boxing Day matches following the conclusion of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the Premier League games on the season's final day, and the FA Cup and EFL Cup finals will all require players to take a knee.

The Premier League captains also stated in a statement: "We have chosen key moments during the season to kneel to underline our support against all kinds of racism and by doing so, we continue to show solidarity for a common cause.

"We remain steadfastly committed to eliminating racial prejudice and bringing about a society that is inclusive and offers everyone the same opportunity."