Richard Torrez: When I get in the ring, I'm like a loose bulldog; I see red!

Richard Torrez may not be the biggest heavyweight, but he is determined to make a significant impact.

This weekend, the Olympic silver medalist will compete in his fourth professional fight against Ahmed Hefny, which will be broadcast live on All Sports in the early hours of Sunday morning.

It only took him four rounds - in total - to win his three pro fights, and the 23-year-old American plans to show the same ferocity in his next fight.

"When I get in the ring, I see red," he told Sky Sports. "My dad [his trainer] likes to say I'm a bulldog on a leash, and he lets me go until he tells me to back off."

"He doesn't have the reins on me right now, so I'm going."

Torrez is a laid-back presence outside of the ring. But when the bell rings, he switches.

"Boxing provides me with an outlet where I can be myself outside of the ring and not feel trapped. I get to expend all of my energy, rage, and negativity in the ring "He stated.

"I believe my speed, conditioning, and tenacity in the ring are almost unrivaled." I almost have to reduce that a little to raise my skill level again.

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"I believe I've always had some power, some pop. But I'm not Deontay Wilder, and I don't have a thudding shot that can knock anyone out. But let me say this. If the first punch misses you, the second, third, or fourth will, and that is what will make the difference "He continued.

"That, I believe, is the main difference between me and some of the other heavyweights. Some people go for the one-shot knockout. I'm going to come at you fast."

The strategy works for him. It not only got him a silver medal in Tokyo, but it's also been delivering quick but action-packed wins as a pro.

He wants his boxing journey to take him to the United Kingdom. "My father used to call us gunslingers because we'd go from town to town trying to pick fights," he chuckled.

"I'll go wherever Top Rank [his promoter] wants me to go, or wherever anyone wants me to go. I'll fight in hometowns, backyards, and anywhere else you want me to."

Torrez aspires to be the top heavyweight in the United States. "That's a place I'd like to visit, and I'll be there soon. But for the time being, I'm not concerned with rankings or anything else. I'm concerned about my next fight and going out there to perform "He stated.

"The way Top Rank builds their fighters was one of the main reasons I signed with them." They don't just create fighters; they create legends," he added. "I want to go down in history as a legend in this game."

"Within the next year, I want to be known throughout the boxing scene, and within the next three years, I want to be known throughout every household."

Richard Torrez fights on the undercard of Vasiliy Lomachenko vs. Jamaine Ortiz on All Sports Arena at 1 a.m. on Sunday.