Should Phil Foden's goal against Liverpool have counted in Manchester City's defeat at Anfield?

Plus, Dermot, Sue Smith, and Danny Mills debate whether Arsenal's Gabriel should have been sent off for kicking out at Patrick Bamford on Sunday, and whether Harry Kane deserved a penalty against Everton on Saturday night.

Dermot Gallagher dissects the weekend's Premier League action, including whether Phil Foden's goal at Anfield in Liverpool's 1-0 win over Manchester City was correctly ruled.

Man City 1-0 Liverpool

INCIDENT: Following VAR intervention, Phil Foden's goal at Anfield was ruled out for a shirt pull on Fabinho by Erling Haaland in the build-up.

VERDICT: Good decision.

DERMOT SAYS: They saw a foul in the build-up, but I believe there is also a foul on the goalkeeper, Alisson. So I think it's very difficult to be convinced that [the shirt pull] isn't a foul if you watch it.

Danny Mills: I believe it is a foul, but does Pep Guardiola have a point because all of those fouls were allowed to go all game? Is a referee's opinion on a foul or the severity of a foul changed because it's a goal? I believe that's where we're all confused. The shirt pull on Mo Salah at the end of the game is far worse than that, but it is not given. Is it just because a goal is scored that they scrutinize it more?

DERMOT SAYS: It's not the increased scrutiny that concerns him; it's the fact that a goal was scored. I believe the Salah foul that led to Jurgen Klopp's red card was a foul, and I believe the assistant should have flagged it. It is not given, but because it does not result in a goal, penalty, or red card on the field, it is not checked. That one did lead to a goal, so it was marked as completed. When you look at it, it's difficult to say it isn't a foul, and if they had checked further, I believe they would have given a foul on the goalkeeper as well. It came as no surprise to me that it was not permitted.

INCIDENT: Klopp was sent off for his angrily protested foul on Salah that was not called.

VERDICT: Although it was a foul, Klopp deserved to be sent off.

DERMOT SAYS: I thought it was a foul, and it's easier to give a foul than it is not to give a foul. You can see his reaction; he's enraged and reacts erratically. The fourth official summons the referee, and he receives a red card for his conduct on the sidelines. That is a direct result of the foul not being called; he is chastising the official because he believes the foul should have been called.

Arsenal 0-1 Leeds

INCIDENT: Patrick Bamford's goal for Leeds was ruled out due to a push on Gabriel in the penalty area.

VERDICT: It was a blunder.

DERMOT SAYS: At first, I thought it was a foul. It's difficult to say it's not a foul when you see it. What's interesting is that Bamford has pointed to his chest, as if to say it's not a handball. But you can clearly see him pushing him in the back.

INCIDENT: VAR intervenes to award a penalty to Leeds for a handball by Arsenal defender William Saliba - but Rasmus Kristensen was in an offside position during the build-up.

VERDICT: It was a punishment.

DERMOT SAYS: I believe it is handball. Not given on the field, but by VAR; if it hadn't been in use, it wouldn't have been given, and the referee's decision would have been to continue playing. As you can see, it not only hits his arm, but he moves toward the ball, resulting in a penalty for me. Rasmus Kristensen was clearly offside; I just think it goes on for too long, and the ball returns and is recycled. They mention second phases and resetting, but I believe it takes too long and they don't want to go back that far. It didn't lead directly to the goal; it eventually does, but there has to be a point where you say they've reset.

INCIDENT: After the Arsenal defender was sent off for kicking out at Patrick Bamford after being shoved by the Leeds striker, VAR overturned the decision and awarded Leeds a penalty.

VAR made the correct decision.

DERMOT SAYS: I think this is a fascinating incident because the referee makes no decision. He approaches the assistant and says he believes Gabriel kicked out violently, so it must be a penalty because the ball was in play. As a result, he receives a penalty and a red card. Patrick Bamford clearly committed a foul, and the subsequent kick is petulant, unsporting, but not violent.So, when he goes to the TV monitor, VAR instructs him to take another look, and the correct decision is made. Gabriel has undoubtedly flicked out; I think it's petulant at best, reckless at worst, but it's not violent for me. It would be extremely unfair for a centre-half to be suspended for three games for conduct that was not violent.

Newcastle 0-0 Manchester United

INCIDENT: Cristiano Ronaldo nipped in to take the ball from Nick Pope and fire it into an empty net, believing Fabian Schar had already taken the free-kick to his goalkeeper. The goal was disallowed because the free kick had not yet been taken, according to referee Craig Pawson.

VERDICT: Correct decision; the referee blew for offside and the free kick was not taken.

DERMOT SAYS: They are waiting because the referee has given offside. But Schar has rolled the ball back to Pope, who will take the free-kick from where he is, as the referee instructs the Manchester United players. The fact that the play was so delayed before Ronaldo nipped in to take the ball says it all. The referee's arm is fully extended, indicating that he is waiting for the free kick to be taken. I believe you would have a stronger case if that was stated as a goal.

Raphael Varane avoided receiving a penalty for a challenge on Callum Wilson.

VERDICT: It was a foul, but it was a penalty on the field.

DERMOT SAYS: I don't think the referee considers this a foul because they collide. If he commits a foul, the VAR will not overturn it. This, I believe, is entirely dependent on the referee on the day. If the referee calls a penalty, he will stick with it. Some decisions fall into the'must be made on the field' category. I believe it is a foul, but the issue is that it is an on-field penalty. Remember that the tolerance level for VAR is not the same as the tolerance level for the referee.

Danny Mills: I think the Callum Wilson penalty was the most obvious I've ever seen. I'm not sure how you're watching that and not seeing it as a foul. If you look back and say that Haaland's tiny little tug on Fabinho is a foul, he steps across him, doesn't play the ball, and is miles away from the ball. There is no other option but to rule foul. VAR must have looked at that incident, so I'm curious why the VAR official looks at it and decides it's not a foul.

DERMOT SAYS: I believe the referee has told him that he believes Varane has come across and collided with him. So he feeds that back to the VAR, who takes a look and decides not to intervene because the VAR must be convinced that the referee made a clear and obvious error.

Danny Mills: I don't think it gets any clearer or more obvious than that.

Sue Smith: I completely agree with you. I thought it was a penalty because of the way Varane lunged across, and I was surprised that VAR didn't tell the referee to look again.

INCIDENT: Kieran Trippier avoids a penalty for a challenge on Cristiano Ronaldo in which he does not receive the ball.

VERDICT: There is no penalty.

DERMOT SAYS: I didn't consider it a penalty. There is no doubt that Ronaldo comes across to Trippier and they collide, but he comes into Trippier as much as he comes into him. I understand he's trying to protect the ball, but it's not a penalty in my opinion.

Sue Smith: I thought that was a penalty, and you can tell by Trippier's reaction that he feels he did something wrong there. So I thought they should have each received a penalty in this game.

Danny Mills: I don't see why it isn't a penalty if you make a challenge in the box, don't get the ball, make contact, and stop Ronaldo from doing what he wants to do again.

INCIDENT: Despite not making contact with the ball, Sean Longstaff avoids a penalty for a challenge on Jadon Sancho.

VERDICT: It should have been punished.

DERMOT SAYS: When you see Longstaff take his foot, I believe this is a penalty. I was surprised that this wasn't provided. I don't understand how this wasn't given. The referee had a clear view and said no.

Sue Smith: I believe this was a punishment. Clearly, he isn't getting anything out of the ball.

Danny Mills: That was a bad decision. It should be a penalty, and I believe Sancho's reaction doesn't help him because he jumps too high and tries to make it too obvious with the on-field decision. But that is why VAR exists; the reaction should be unimportant. It should be punished.

Tottenham defeats Everton 2-0.

INCIDENT: Harry Kane is fouled by Jordan Pickford and is awarded a penalty.

VERDICT: It's difficult not to impose a penalty.

DERMOT SAYS: I can see why a penalty is imposed. The goalkeeper drops the ball in desperation and tries to recover it, but Kane runs over him. Many have claimed that Kane initiated the contact, but Pickford has put himself in that position.