Thomas Tuchel and Jurgen Klopp criticize the Qatar World Cup due to player concerns

Thomas Tuchel of Chelsea and Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool have expressed their displeasure with the midseason World Cup in Qatar due to concerns about the demands placed on their players.

According to Tuchel, players may experience negative effects in the months leading up to and following the World Cup in Qatar because of the stress and demands of the event. FIFA could do more to safeguard the players, according to Klopp, who described the situation as "mad."

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In order to accommodate the World Cup, which takes place from November 21 to December 18, the Premier League's 2022–23 season will be suspended starting on November 12 and return on Boxing Day.

In a news conference on Friday, Tuchel stated, "It doesn't make so much sense.

"The players are already really focused on the World Cup, which is advantageous because it ensures that they prepare well and take care of themselves.

"However, it's also a negative because they are not just focused on this, but also on the World Cup. When October rolls around, we'll be able to see how it affects the players' efforts.

"The players will be greatly affected emotionally and physically, and they will return exhausted. Large successes and enormous failures can both mentally tax people, and then a few days later is Boxing Day. Regarding everything, I'm a little unsure."

Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, compared the issue to climate change and claimed that while people talk about it, no one takes action.

A week later, the rest period begins. "If you get to the final in a World Cup and win it or lose it, or a third-place match, you are already fairly busy," he added.

If everyone takes a break after that, it is okay and not a problem. It is comparable to the four-week winter break that I frequently had as a player in Germany.

"I get pretty angry when I talk about it... Similar to how the weather is. We all understand that something needs to change, but nobody is telling us what to do.

"The participants, who are the most crucial component of this game, must be the sole topic of a single meeting in which they all communicate with one another.

"Even though everyone is aware that it is wrong, nobody brings it up frequently enough for it to be altered, which is my problem. There must be a change.

The World Cup is taking place at the incorrect time and for the incorrect reasons.

On Saturday, Chelsea and Liverpool face Everton and Fulham to open their Premier League campaigns.