Vinicius abuse requires Atletico Madrid to take a tough stance.

You are disgusted by what transpired in front of the Wanda Metropolitano before the game. According to accounts, several hundred Atletico fans sang "You're a monkey... Vinicius, you're a monkey." You expect that the conflicting claims of similar racist abuse that occurred underground would be thoroughly investigated.

- LaLiga to report Vinicius' racial abuse

Vinicius has been singled out for criticism recently, and the weak and absurd "explanations" for this have to do with people accusing him of being a showboat and others finding his celebratory dance after goals rude. (Which is frankly absurd given that he has been doing it for years and that there are undoubtedly other players that dance after scoring.)

Right now, none of it interests me. It doesn't matter if you are furious with Vinicius; that is not the point. The point, in my opinion, is that some forms of public discourse, including racist insults, are inexcusable. This occurred outside the stadium, so the league or Atletico Madrid may not have control over it, but it doesn't matter because this is where Atleti has a chance to make a significant message.

These supporters—who, according to reports, are a well-organized group—do not and must not speak for the team. Not only should the club make it plain that they are not welcome, but also that they anticipate the other Atletico fans will avoid and isolate them as well. Saying that it is a minority and not typical of the club is insufficient because there is too much lax behavior everywhere, not just in Spain but also in other leagues like Italy. If at all, change is happening far too slowly.