When Paul Pogba's older brother Mathias makes charges, the extortion case turns strange.

Police are looking into claims that France player Paul Pogba was the subject of extortionists. On Friday, Mathias, Paul Pogba's older brother, released a long series of films criticizing the 2018 World Cup champion, his entourage, and his opulent lifestyle.

Mathias Pogba gave a lengthy speech in more than 30 recordings that were shared on Twitter.

When the videos were shot is unclear. After turning himself in to the police last week for questioning, Mathias Pogba was charged in relation to an alleged organized armed extortion attempt against his brother, a player for Juventus. Since then, he has been detained.

The Associated Press posed a number of questions, but his attorney did not react right away.

Mathias Pogba stated, "If you are seeing this video, it's because my brother Paul Pogba has found a means to silence me. "I'm recording this video so that everything is exposed, no matter what happens."

Many of the tapes had the words "insurance video, held in a safe place" scribbled on top of them. Mathias Pogba had vowed to disclose shocking revelations about his brother in previous social media posts, and they followed through on that threat.

According to French authorities, Mathias Pogba and four other people were given preliminary accusations last Saturday and put in jail in the extortion investigation.

Mathias Pogba accused his brother of abandoning members of their family and putting them in poverty in the most recent collection of recordings.

He repeatedly asserted that Paul Pogba hired a witch doctor and that the midfielder mingled with criminals. He didn't bring any supporting evidence for his claims.

Paul Pogba was introduced to the witch doctor by former Paris Saint-Germain defender Serge Aurier, according to Mathias Pogba's most recent accusations. The witch doctor is also close to former France international Alou Diarra.

He claimed that throughout the years, the France midfielder had paid the witch doctor millions of dollars for his services, requesting him to cast spells on rival footballers or aid France in winning the 2018 World Cup, among other things.

Without going into greater detail, Mathias Pogba earlier claimed that his brother had targeted Kylian Mbappe. In his most recent videos, he asserted that Paul Pogba had ordered the witch doctor to "neutralize" Mbappe for the second leg of PSG vs. Manchester United's Champions League matchup in 2019. In that encounter, United had triumphed 3-1 to move on to the quarterfinals.

Along with the films, there were a number of Twitter posts and a letter to Paul Pogba. The lengthy thread's first post stated that it had been automatically delivered by "my bot."

The statement read, "That also means that I am no longer free."

Mathias Pogba claimed that his brother's "betrayed his henchmen," who are now aiming their weapons at his entourage in retaliation, had put his life in jeopardy. Because of his brother, Mathias Pogba said that some of his kin "had already been assaulted and shot at."

Allegations that Paul Pogba was the object of an extortion attempt by his brother and boyhood pals, who demanded €13 million from him, prompted the Paris prosecutor's office to launch an investigation last month. Mathias Pogba has refuted his involvement in the plan.

The 32-year-old Mathias Pogba is currently unsigned after leaving French fourth-division team Belfort in April. He has also had successful stints at several other clubs in Europe.